Monday, January 24, 2011

How to Choose Art for Your Living Room

Do you want to have great artwork in your living room?  Great artwork does more than simply add to your decor.  It can reflect your interests, which will invite your guests to learn a little more about you.  It may also inspire thoughtful conversation.  So how do you find the right art for your home?  There are so many choices out there it can be overwhelming, and making a commitment can be scary.  It doesn't have to be though.  Have no fear, I can help you envision the perfect piece for your living room.  Are you ready?

First you should determine where you want to display a painting, then figure out how much wall space you have available.  In my living room, I have a 7' x 10' blank wall behind my couch that I would like to fill.  Next, you need to decide what size art you want to fill that space.  Think about whether you want to make an impact with a 24" x 36" painting or invite people to look closer with a moderate 11" x 14" painting.

Now consider your color palette.  Do you want to match the existing color scheme or create some interesting contrast?  My living room is a very neutral combination of ivory, beige, and chocolate brown.  I could look for something that incorporates these colors to maintain the neutrality of the room, or add a pop of color.  There is no wrong choice here, its all about what you want.

With size and color scheme already determined, you are ready to think about the painting's subject matter.  Do you want a painting that reflects who you are?  I am fascinated by space so my living room has a painting of the Orion Nebula.  This painting is a great conversation starter, inviting guests to use their imaginations to explore what lies beyond our atmosphere. 

Once you've decided on what you would in terms of art, you just need to find it.  Do not buy prints, invest in a real piece of art that was handmade with care.  Be ready to invest in a painting you will treasure for years to come.  You don't have to spend a crazy amount, but factor in the time and talent that went into creating your piece when deciding what you can afford. Please visit my Etsy shop, Hotjavva Studio where many paintings are available for purchase.  I can also do custom orders, just contact me on Etsy if you are interested.