Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stocking Stuffers for Saint Nicholas Day

Saint Nicholas Day is December 6, which isn't too far off!  My family is German-American, and we consider this day a pretty important precursor to Christmas.  Its a nice way to start the day with a treat, spend some time together as a family, and get into the Christmas spirit.  Our stockings would hang on the mantle, and overnight by magic they would be filled with all kinds of goodies like chocolate, coloring books, holiday jewelry, and tiny stuffed animals.  There would also be a little reminder in our stockings that my sisters, brother and I had not always been good throughout the year.  Traditionally it would be coal, but we got onions instead.  Onions still have that power to make me reflect on how I behave and treat others.

I still believe in the magic of Saint Nicholas Day, and am looking forward to filling my husband's stocking with goodies this year.  Since I am shopping for stocking stuffers, I thought I should share my findings with you.  Here are my recommendations for a well-packed stocking:


Winter Kids Love Snow Coloring Book
A great product for children young and old.

2. Lump of Coal Glycerin Soap 
to remind that certain someone to mind their manners.

Posh Cranberry Ginger Jam  
because everyone likes something sweet and the color is so festive!

4.Gingerbread Girl Pin
Totally adorable :)

5. Unicorn on a Cotton Candy Cloud Mini Painting and Easel 
Perfect for the desk or dresser of a little girl.

6. Set of 6 Marbled Little Men Crayons 
paired with the coloring book- too perfect!

perfect size for a stocking and you can never have too many!

Leave me a comment, let me know what you think about this selection or share what you will be using as stocking stuffers this year :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Inspired by Fairytales

I recently created this piece called "Watching the Meteor Shower".  It shows Cinderella and Prince Charming on a date, watching glittering streaks of light fall to Earth.
It got me thinking, I wonder how many artists are inspired by fairytales.  I found so many wonderful items, please take a look and comment on your favorite one!

This one is also inspired by Cinderella.  It is called The Lost Shoe by Mollyandmagic.

This one is called Land of Many Tales Fairy Tale Map, created by paintandink.

This fragrant soap by Posh Bijou is called Summer Palace, and it was inspired by The classic tale of the Snow Queen!

Also by Posh Bijou, this refreshing and beautiful peppermint soap is named for the Snow Queen.

 These little made-to-order cuties by Bloomsburygroup can inspire children to act out new fairytales!


Here's a fun take on the "Mirror, Mirror, on the wall" scene from Snow White by Householdwords.

Princesses, castles, knights on horseback.... Sounds like a recipe for a fairytale! This mosaic was created by Artsyphartsy.

This Christmas toadstool by Elineof would look right at home in a forest scene a la Snow White!

DycheDesigns is working on a legion of fairytale bad guys. This one's name is Quigley!

Even the Mad Hatter's getting represented by Cartooniecatdoodles.

Rolanddesigns created this fabulous princess necklace!

Sybile created this unique interpretation of the fairest of them all, ready to bite into the poison apple.

A bracelet fit for a princess made by Belladonnabeads.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

What teachers really want for Christmas!

Hey parents, want to know what teachers really want for Christmas?  

Not that you have to give a gift- we really don't expect it!  However, if you would like to thank your child's teacher this holiday season please read on.  I want to share my insight as a teacher and hopefully help you with your holiday shopping this year.

*  Gift Certificate to a teacher store (so many of us spend money out of pocket to improve your child's learning experience)
*  Gift Certificate to your local bookstore (we keep a classroom library and new books are always welcome)
*  A thoughtful note about how he or she has made a difference in your child's life
*  A group gift.  Talk to the other parents in your child's class about pooling your money to give a gift from all of the students.  This will expand your possibilities and you can really treat the teacher to something special, like a piece of fine art for his or her classroom!

I hope this has helped!