Sunday, November 22, 2009

What teachers really want for Christmas!

Hey parents, want to know what teachers really want for Christmas?  

Not that you have to give a gift- we really don't expect it!  However, if you would like to thank your child's teacher this holiday season please read on.  I want to share my insight as a teacher and hopefully help you with your holiday shopping this year.

*  Gift Certificate to a teacher store (so many of us spend money out of pocket to improve your child's learning experience)
*  Gift Certificate to your local bookstore (we keep a classroom library and new books are always welcome)
*  A thoughtful note about how he or she has made a difference in your child's life
*  A group gift.  Talk to the other parents in your child's class about pooling your money to give a gift from all of the students.  This will expand your possibilities and you can really treat the teacher to something special, like a piece of fine art for his or her classroom!

I hope this has helped!

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  1. What a fun posting! I am totally going to keep this info in mind once my kids are school aged! No apple themed gifts for their teachers!