Monday, November 23, 2009

Inspired by Fairytales

I recently created this piece called "Watching the Meteor Shower".  It shows Cinderella and Prince Charming on a date, watching glittering streaks of light fall to Earth.
It got me thinking, I wonder how many artists are inspired by fairytales.  I found so many wonderful items, please take a look and comment on your favorite one!

This one is also inspired by Cinderella.  It is called The Lost Shoe by Mollyandmagic.

This one is called Land of Many Tales Fairy Tale Map, created by paintandink.

This fragrant soap by Posh Bijou is called Summer Palace, and it was inspired by The classic tale of the Snow Queen!

Also by Posh Bijou, this refreshing and beautiful peppermint soap is named for the Snow Queen.

 These little made-to-order cuties by Bloomsburygroup can inspire children to act out new fairytales!


Here's a fun take on the "Mirror, Mirror, on the wall" scene from Snow White by Householdwords.

Princesses, castles, knights on horseback.... Sounds like a recipe for a fairytale! This mosaic was created by Artsyphartsy.

This Christmas toadstool by Elineof would look right at home in a forest scene a la Snow White!

DycheDesigns is working on a legion of fairytale bad guys. This one's name is Quigley!

Even the Mad Hatter's getting represented by Cartooniecatdoodles.

Rolanddesigns created this fabulous princess necklace!

Sybile created this unique interpretation of the fairest of them all, ready to bite into the poison apple.

A bracelet fit for a princess made by Belladonnabeads.


  1. Aw wow thanks for featuring me!!! The shops look great!

  2. The Yes, you are the fairest really makes me want that in my house...

  3. I am so happy about all these tributes to classic stories

  4. Oh how wonderful. Thank-you for my feature of The Bloomsbury Keepers.
    My fave is :
    Signed print Snow White----the colours are gorgeous and Snow's expression is great!
    I love fantasy!

  5. fairy tales are a good place to start. they are what we have in common. step two is building your own mythos.

  6. They are all fabulous, I get inspired when reading books to my daughter.

  7. What a beautiful collection, fairy tales can't help but inspire. Thanks for including me. :0)

  8. Great selections inspired by fairy tales. Thanks for including my mosaics. I love your painting.

  9. Thanks for including my Wall decal.
    Your painting is adorable!!

  10. I love the fairy tales. Great selections.

  11. beautiful selection, thank you for including my necklace


  12. Thankyou so much for including cinderellas shoe, I'm flattered. My work all centres around childhood memories and fairytales. Wishing you happily ever after....

  13. Beautiful! I love Cinderella and this is gorgeous!

  14. I love fairy tales. The Irish Rose pic is beautiful!

  15. I'm so glad people are enjoying this collection!

  16. I love the vinyl wall decal "You are the fairest of them all." I could totally see that next to the bathroom mirror.