Sunday, March 21, 2010

Creative During Recession

This month's blog entry is about being creative in a different way.  Instead of talking about painting or giving props to other artists, I want to explore the creativity that comes with living during a recession.  I am seriously lacking in funds, and sometimes that gets in the way of having a great time.  If you can relate, then read on!  I have compiled a list of creative ways I've kept myself entertained lately.

  1. Check out your local roller rink for specials- mine has dollar skate night on Wednesdays!
  2. Go to the library- you won't have to pay unless you forget to return your books on time :)
  3. Teach yourself to hula hoop, juggle, or jump rope like a pro
  4. Bake something from scratch- it will make your house smell wonderful
  5. Go for a walk in a different town for a change of scenery
  6. Check your local bowling alley for deals
  7. Mail an old-fashioned love letter to your sweetie- even if you live with him :)
  8. Visit a museum- look into free days or check your library for city passes (they get you into museums FREE)
  9. Go for a walk in your neighborhood and take the camera with you- catch the blooming flowers
  10. Plant something and help it grow
  11. Keep a sketch journal- try drawing with your eyes closed, or without lifting the pencil from the paper
  12. Do your grocery shopping at an ethnic supermarket and try something new for dinner- recipes are so easy to find on the internet
  13. Rearrange your furniture so it feels like you redecorated but didn't spend any money
  14. Take turns hosting a game night or dinner with a group of friends

What can I add to this list?  I am always on the lookout for great new ideas!


  1. Awesome ideas. As a financially challenged person myself I have given a few of the things on your list a try, but I love the game night idea and taking a walk in a different town. Thanks for sharing this list!

  2. Nice suggestions!

    If you have a doggie, you could go to the dog park and enjoy your pet. That is free.

    If you want to get organized, you could reduce, and declutter your home. You could have a yard sale and earn a little extra cash maybe. You know what they say, my junk just might be your treasure.

  3. Good Post. I started painting on river rocks (free) and I make my own boxes for sending my items out. TF

  4. I love that people are adding to this list- thanks so much for reading and I am excited to try out some new free activities!

  5. I like #5 and #10! Great suggestions.

  6. Thanks for reading and commenting everyone!