Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Creative Process

I am always interested to know how people create their art, so I thought I would start by sharing mine.  In the comments, please share how your process is the same or different than mine.

  My process for creating an acrylic painting begins when I am sleeping.  My dreams are typically set in fantastically beautiful locations.  I've been underwater, in space, amongst fantastic creatures, and most recently a peach orchard!  These adventures are born of late night conversations and books I fall asleep reading.  My dream life is really quite incredible, and I love those first moments after waking when I can actually remember what transpired.

  When I wake up, I like to write or sketch what I have just experienced.  I set it aside for a little while so I can eat and do all that other boring but necessary waking life stuff, then come back to it with rolled up sleeves and a positive attitude.

   The Hotjavva Studio is where I create all of my art.  Its a wonderful little corner spot in my house where I am surrounded by all the materials and inspiration I need to get to work.  Magazine clippings, doodles on scraps of paper, photos and children's books populate my space.  There is always a fair amount of glitter dusting the bookshelves and drying station.  Paintings in various stages of completion hang on every bit of wall space, waiting for their final brushstrokes.  A broad spectrum of paint tubes stand ready in a loosely organized fashion.  I try to keep it clean, but when I am in full creative mode I am like a whirling dervish and before long I have to be very careful where I step, sit, or lean.

  I gesso my canvas, then choose a few colors to wash the background with.  I like to just barely mix them so the results have a streaky rainbow-like effect.  Drying time is dancing time, laundry time, make a call time, or work on another painting time.  Depending on humidity and the size of my piece, it takes a few hours to a full day for my canvas to completely dry out.  After 2 coats of background, I am ready to add a simple outline of my subject with pencil or a very fine point marker in a shade similar to the paint I will be using for that object later so it won't show through.

  Now I can start blocking in color for my shapes.  I like to work wet-on-wet, meaning I don't let the base color fully dry before adding highlights, shadow, and additional color.  There is always extra paint left on my palette, and I hate to waste so I find ways to use that paint.  I add details to my other paintings (even the ones I thought were done), paint base coats on canvas paper or mini canvases.  Sometimes I even smear it on my face.  Word to the wise, this blue stained and I am glad I did not have a job interview that day!

  Days or weeks go by before I have a finished piece ready to sell.  I like to work on at least five different projects at a time because its more enjoyable, not to mention more economical (better use of time and paint).  When I finally decide something is finished, I coat it twice with varnish to lock in the color.  This is my least favorite step because varnish is stinky, it takes a long time to dry, and unless my area and brushes are completely free of dust I get an imperfect looking glaze.  Can you imagine how that feels to have irreparable damage happen to your work after all the time you've invested?!

  I keep myself motivated by remembering that I am almost done and ready to share my work with the world, and my favorite and final step is fast approaching!  The last thing I do is add sparkle to my paintings with glitter, crystals, pearls, and iridescent liquid acrylic.  I love the way a little bit of sparkle catches the light just right and allows my work to really shine.
<----  Here's an example of one painting I embellished with opal glitter, pearlescent liquid acrylic, and crystals.  To see more, please visit my Etsy shop

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  1. This was so interesting to read! I love how you posted pics of your studio and process, genius!

  2. Thanks, I hope you do the same in your blog I would love to see it!

  3. Very cool to see works in progress. I've been reading about H.P. Lovecraft lately, and was not too surprised to learn that a lot of his stories came out of dreams too!

    I usually get ideas in the car or while doing something else that is boring. Then it drives me crazy when I can't get strait back to my studio to make it real!

    Thanks for the interesting post!

  4. Very interesting blog - love seeing the progress of your creations.

  5. I loved this post. I too usually end up dreaming something or waking up and thinking, how could I do that in glass? And I love to read, so I've recently made some beaded/glass bookmarks. I've got one listed in my Etsy shop right now.

  6. love the dreams leading to creating. we just opened a store and I dream how to arrange things-or what to make for it...

    great blog...

  7. oops-my shop is

    full of wonderful quilts, afghans, beadwork, scarves-come visit

  8. This was a wonderful article. I've never read a tour thru someone's art and artspace before and I found it very interesting! Thank you!

  9. For those who like to write their thoughts, I make nice fabric notebook covers that fit any composition notebook.

    Custom orders welcome!!!

  10. sparkles are awesome

  11. you really know what you're talking about. i like your style. it's so nice to hear you put into words the magic that i see you do everyday. much love dearest